Before you buy a previously owned home, you have it inspected. You don’t technically have to, but you’d be kind of crazy not to.

A home inspector finds hidden flaws and cover ups while identifying problems you may face in the future. Sometimes, everything will check out fine, but usually, there will be at least a few points of concern.

Assuming there are some issues, you will bring these concerns to the current owner and negotiate from there. Typically, the price may be adjusted, or the current owner will agree to fix certain items before you move in.

But What About a New Home?

One of the many advantages of a new home build is the peace of mind knowing that everything is, well, new.

Does that mean that new home shouldn’t be inspected? Of course not.

In fact, the builders of a new home actually have to have it inspected. Before you do a final walkthrough of the house, a city inspector will come to the home and make sure everything is up to code.

But is that enough?

If you’re buying a new home that was pre-built without your participation, you should absolutely get a home inspector. You won’t know how things are built. You won’t know the builders themselves. The truth is, there’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to buying pre-built new homes.

That’s why many opt to design their own custom home. With a custom designed home, you’re involved from the very beginning. Does that mean you don’t need an inspection?

At this point, it’s up to you.

It Never Hurts to Hire an Inspector

The city inspector checks for code, not cosmetics. The builders themselves should be checking for issues and quality, but they should also be perfectly okay with you having your own inspection done.

We can’t speak for other home builders, but at Astelier Fine Homes, we strive to make sure our custom homes meet the highest quality standards. They don’t just look nice. They’re built to last. We thoroughly inspect our homes to last detail.

Once it’s ready, we guide you through to make sure everything is in order. Should you want to hire your own inspector to take a look, we are happy to accommodate them.

Our only goal is to make sure you have a home you love. If you’re looking for new home builders in the Beavercreek, OH area, you can trust in Astelier Fine Homes. Contact us today to get started.