When looking for a place to live, one of the very first questions you will answer is “how many bedrooms and bathrooms”. It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting or buying, if you’re looking at a house, a condo, or an apartment, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms determines whether a space is livable for you or not.

If you’ve decided to build a custom home, however, the situation changes. The question isn’t “how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need” as much as it is “how many do you want”. The choice is in your hands.

Deciding on Bedrooms

Obviously, you need enough bedrooms for the number of people who will be living in the house. If you have children, there’s no need to bunk them up into one room with a custom home. Instead, give them their own bedroom.

But you probably don’t want to stop there for bedrooms.

You should always have a guest bedroom or two. You can also setup a multi-purpose room. Maybe it’s a lounging room with a hideaway bed or a futon so that someone can sleep in there if necessary.

If you have kids living with you currently, but they’ll be moving out soon, it’s also good to consider what their room might become after they move.

How Many Bathrooms?

Determining bathrooms can be a little trickier since it’s not necessarily determined by people living in the house. That is a factor, but you don’t exactly need a bathroom per person. We’d recommend at least one per floor, plus a private bathroom off the master bedroom.

If all (or most) of the bedrooms are on one floor, it might be worth having two bathrooms nearby.

Still not sure if that’s enough? You can always add a half-bathroom or power room that’s conveniently located near a lounging or dining area.

Let Us Help You Plan

At Astelier Fine Homes, we don’t simply build cookie-cutter houses. We create luxurious, customized homes that fit your needs and your vision. We walk you through the design process, ensuring that you’re happy with the finished project.

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