Fine Homebuilding – The Astelier Difference

Your life is unique to you. The things you do, the people you know, the person you are, the dreams you have. Why settle for a home built for someone else’s lifestyle?

At Astelier Fine Homes, we specialize in fine homebuilding in Dayton, OH and the surrounding area. We customize our service for each customer, ensuring you have a home that meets the most particular of your needs.

It starts by meeting and getting to know you so we can understand what you value and what your vision is. We then utilize leading architects in the area to map out a home that’s superior to anything currently on the market.

fine homebuilding dayton ohio

Luxurious Not Just in Appearance, but In Construction

At Astelier, we employee the best craftsmen available. After all, a fine home doesn’t just look nice. It’s constructed better. A great foundation is everything when it comes to fine homebuilding in Dayton, OH.

Our homes are built with care and precision, following the highest of building practices while using the best tools and materials on the market.

Even as you update and adjust your home in the years to come, the structure beneath will stand strong.

A Stress-Free Experience

With a new home build, you get the luxury of avoiding the chaos that is the housing market. No searching and touring and settling. You simply sit back and decide what you want and where you want it. We work carefully to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, directing and informing you during each step of the process.

You will find yourself pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable fine homebuilding in Dayton, OH can be.

Our Communities

We offer four prestigious locations to choose from the Beavercreek area. These spacious lots are surrounded by beautiful, secluded landscapes while remaining close to quality restaurants, shopping centers, and the Country Club of the North golf course.

Of course, you’re not limited to these areas. We can construct your home on your own plot of land, wherever it might be. After all, it’s your home. You should choose where you want it to be.

The Journey to Your Dream Home

You can have the home you’ve always wanted. You just need the right builder. Astelier Fine Homes is here to construct the perfect custom home for you. Contact us today.