When building a custom home for yourself, the worst thing that can happen is ending up with a home you’re not happy with. After all, the reason for building a custom home in the first place is to ensure it has all of the things you want.

Some enter the home building process assuming everything will play out perfectly. However, if you’re not careful, a number of things can go wrong.

Here are some of the more common home building mistakes we see happen.

Not Planning and Preparing

When you’re having a custom home built for you and your family, you don’t need to be a master builder or an architect. That’s what the professionals are here for. However, you should have an idea of the features you do and don’t want.

Find examples of things you love. Take pictures of other homes, find images, or you can even try sketching out some ideas. It also doesn’t hurt to make a list of the must-have features. That way, something won’t accidently get skipped over in the building process.

Not Taking Advantage of Custom Features

Building a brand-new home allows you to do things that you can’t do if you buy a used home off the market. Take advantage of this. Don’t simply recreate something already out there. Make it unique to you. Add custom functions. Build around something inside the house like a grand piano or decorative item that wouldn’t fit through the doorways otherwise.

The options are nearly limitless. Act accordingly.

Thinking Short Term

Chances are, if you’re building a custom home, you’re planning on living there awhile. That means you need to think to the future when customizing it.

Does it have the features you’ll want 10 years from now? If your family grows, will it still be big enough? When you’re older, will you have wished you placed a certain room on the main floor instead of upstairs?

Thinking There Won’t Be Any Surprises

When building something, unforeseen issues and questions often arise. Even with the best plans, you may face something you didn’t think you’d have to. Whether it’s a delay, an added expense, or discovering one of your ideas won’t work like you thought it would, be prepared and mindful.

Using the Wrong Builder

Arguably the biggest mistake a person can make when building a custom home is choosing the wrong builder. A custom home builder is not only the one who crafts the home, but they are responsible for guiding you along, working with you to realize your vision for your home.

Choosing the wrong builder can result in a mediocre house that’s not at all like the one you wanted.

At Astelier Fine Homes, our portfolio of luxurious custom homes speaks for itself. If you’re planning on building a house in Dayton, OH or the surrounding area, contact Astelier. We’ll help you avoid these common mistakes, leaving you with a custom home you absolutely love.