So you’ve made the decision. Rather than settle for an ordinary house sitting on the market, you want to build your own beautiful, custom dream home. The question now is…

Is now the best time to build one?

You’re certainly eager to get started, but you know that the typical housing market has seasonal market fluctuations. Some months are better to buy than others. Is the same true for custom homes?

While the real estate market does have an overall effect on how much custom homes cost, they don’t change in cost and value the way pre-existing homes on the market do. That said, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to deciding on the right time to build a home.

When to Build a Home

With home building, there are a few factors that can come in to play. For example, where you live, what your timeframe is, what your budget is, and more.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to discuss with a homebuilder and get a better idea of what to expect moving forward.

Technically speaking….

You Can Start at (Almost) Anytime

Sure, if you live in the north, you aren’t going to be able to pour a foundation in the winter. But if you get the floor and a frame in place, you can likely build in the colder months, with your new home ready to go by the beginning of spring.

At the very least, you can start some planning and design.

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the ground to be nice and thawed before you can begin. In other words, spring. This would likely be the “ideal” time for most people. That way, depending on size and design choices, the home can be ready before the end of summer, leaving you time to get some landscaping in place while it’s still warm.

Taking the First Step

To get started on your perfect custom home, you need the right contractor. At Astelier Fine Homes, we work year-round to provide the most beautiful custom homes for our clients. Contact us today to discuss new home construction in the Dayton, OH area and beyond.