Many people don’t realize just how much they appreciate a well-designed bathroom until they’re in one. Suddenly, standard bathrooms feel inadequate. When building a custom home, you have the perfect opportunity to make your bathroom, well, perfect.

And that starts with the flooring. Each part of the bathroom is important, of course. The counters, the cabinets, the vanity, the lighting, etc.

But it starts with the floor.

The Premium Approach

Vinyl is commonly found in cheaper and mid-range homes. While it can look okay, it lacks the same authenticity of actual tile and stone. It shows seams. It’s also more prone to water damage, tears, and more.

When building your custom home, don’t settle for imitation. Go for the real thing. You’ll be glad you did.

Wood, Cork, and Bamoboo

Want a nice wood floor in your bathroom? You have a few options. Hardwood floors are, of course, a timeless option for virtually any room. When properly installed and sealed, a wood floor should be able to resist the water with no issues.

However, should water seep through, it can cause problems. That’s why many turn to cork or bamboo instead. Both are very eco-friendly choices that are highly resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture. They also look great.

Ceramic Tile

The classic bathroom choice, ceramic tiles offer near endless options for customization, colors, patterns, and more. They can get a little slippery, but this can be avoided by choosing a textured or slip-resistant variety.

Additionally, choosing smaller sized tiles can avoid creating a slippery surface.

For a more premium experience, choose porcelain tiles. They’re less porous and harder, making them a superior choice for bathrooms.


There’s nothing that looks quite as luxurious as true stone. Whether it’s marble, granite, limestone, slate, etc., these flooring options exude style. Be cautious of polished stone, as it can also be slippery. Honed or textured stone is a safer way to go.

Certain stone options do need refinishing every few years. Make sure to consult your contractor.

A Bathroom Floor is Only as Good as It’s Installation

If you’re installing premium flooring, you need a superior team to handle the job. Otherwise, it can turn out looking cheap, while remaining vulnerable to moisture and wear.

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