For many people out there, a pre-built home is everything they need. They’re able to work with a given space and match it to their style.  

But for those with a bigger vision and greater needs, a custom-built home is the only option. 

There are no compromises or shortcuts. You get everything you want and more. Of course, perfection comes at a price. The question you may be wondering is, well, what exactly is that price? 

How Much Does a Custom Home Cost? 

Unfortunately, there’s no magical flat fee that can be given for a custom home build. Even providing a range is too difficult without knowing at least a few details. 

The cost of building a house depends on location, size, style, amenities, and more. A custom home can start in the hundreds of thousands and quickly go up into the millions. 

Is it going to cost more than a pre-built home of a similar quality? Most likely. But once finished, you won’t have to worry about renovation and remolding. It’s right the first time around.  

Here are a few places where additional costs can come into play, so you know exactly where your money is going. 

The Custom Design Process 

Before a custom home can be built, it needs to be designed. Even with a vision in mind, you’re not a home designer. That’s why you have a professional guiding you, helping you determine your needs and making sure your home has everything it’s supposed to.  

A layout is chosen and shaped to meet your needs. 


A house, of course, isn’t going to build itself. In the case of a custom home, there is the cost of construction work.  

There’s an advantage to this.  

In the case of pre-built homes, you probably won’t know who built it. You won’t know who has worked on it in the past. It might look nice on the outside, but the quality of craftsmanship underneath is a mystery. 

With a custom home build, you will know the team building the house and where that money is going. With a quality home builder, you’re paying for the guarantee that your home’s construction is sound. 


The materials you choose for the different pieces of the home play key role in the overall cost. Marble countertops cost more than granite. Granite cost more than wood. If you want the top tier countertop choice, it’s actually cement. 

It sounds crude, but trust us, the results of a polish cement countertop are beautiful.  

Of course, countertops aren’t the only materials you’ll be deciding on. Your homebuilder will guide you through the entire process, piece by piece, room by room. 


Just like with materials, you’ll get to choose the appliances placed throughout your home, matching each of them to their surroundings. 

Where to Begin 

If money isn’t an issue, or you simply want a better idea of cost to wrap your head around, the best place to start is by sitting down and talking to a home builder. Not just any home builder, of course. You want someone who is personal, professional, and experienced. 

At Astelier Fine Homes, we’ve built luxurious custom houses through the Miami Valley. If you’re wanting to know the cost to build a home in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area, contact us today!