So you’ve decided to build a new, high-end home in Miami Valley area. You’ve made a great choice. But before the foundation is poured and plumbing is run, there are a few things to consider.

With a professional team like Astelier Homes at your side, you’ll be guided smoothly through the home-building process. We’ll be designing and constructing the home for you, after all. But the power of decision making ultimately rests in your hands.

Here’s what you should think about before we begin building your house in Dayton, OH.


We suggest actually writing out a list of the most important features in your home. Maybe the top priority is to have a beautiful, spacious kitchen. Or you want to make sure all common areas have high ceilings.

Don’t just list the top three or four features you’re wanting. Go in-depth, all the way down to features that would be nice, but aren’t essential. This will help considerably in the overall planning process.

Electrical Access

One thing that many home owners never consider until it’s too late is electrical placement. If you’ve never had a new home built, then it’s something you’ve never had power over. But with a custom home, you can control the accessibility of electricity, phone lines, internet jacks, and more.

Say goodbye to extension cords and excess power strips.


While you’re planning out room sizes and placement, it can be easy to overlook storage space. Convenient storage is a must for a new home and should be present in virtually every room. Hallways too.

You know what you own. Make sure you have some place to put it.

Bedroom Location

Finding the perfect bedroom placement can be more difficult than you think. You want it to be relatively secluded from busier areas, while still making it easily accessible. Having it on a second floor can make it more private and provide a better view, but for older home owners, going up and down stairs multiple times a day isn’t ideal.

To figure out the best placement, you’ll need to imagine living there with your life as it currently is. From there, you should be able to decide on the right spot.

Necessary Rooms

It’s exciting to have the ability to add different rooms to a home. You dream of having an office, a game room, an art room, and all the other rooms dreamed of having.

The question is, are they all necessary? Will you actually use them?

Just because you can add a room doesn’t mean you need to. Instead, focus on making the most of rooms you’ll truly value.


The last thing you probably want to think about when building a home in Dayton, OH is selling it someday. Chances are, however, that the home won’t remain in your family’s custody forever. While your home may be perfect for you, you also want to make sure it’s suitable for someone else.

Even a luxurious home with modern style can sit on the market if it’s lacking broader appeal. Michael Jordan has infamously had a multi-million-dollar home for sale in Chicago for years that no one wants because it was built exclusively for him. In addition to being excessively large, virtually every piece of it is customized to his legacy, right down to the large 23 build onto the entrance gate.

When building a home in Dayton, OH, be sensible and tasteful. That will help your home age much better.

The Builder

The best housing plans can come undone if you’re using an unskilled builder. When it comes to building the best of homes in Dayton, OH and the surrounding communities, you can trust in Astelier Fine Homes. Our craftsmanship is second to none, and our homes speak for themselves.

We’ll work directly with you step by step to ensure nothing gets overlooked in the design and building process. The end result is a home that you, and those most important to you, will love. Contact us today!